Is the trust registered with the charities commission?

Red Robin Trust is a registered charity, registered with the charity commission.

The Red Robin Trust is registered with the HMRC.

Why has the trust been established?

In April 2013 www.maffucciandoliers.co.uk a website launched by one of the trustees offering information and experiences to individuals, families and professions on Maffucci Syndrome and Ollier’s Disease was launched, a snowflake logo was decided on for the website to represent the uniqueness and rarity of these conditions.

During this time families of children diagnosed with Maffucci Syndrome and/or Ollier’s Disease came together and realised there was a need for a trust to support and aid these and any associated conditions to work towards their prevention, treatment and cure. In keeping with the website theme they decided on the Red Robin which represents hope, which for each and every individual and their family is what we have for the future.

What is Maffucci Syndrome and Olliers Disease?

To find out more about Maffucci Syndrome and Ollier’s Disease please click here or visit www.maffucciandolliers.co.uk

How are funds going to be allocated?

The trust has appointed a board of trustees, the trustees are responsible in providing a strategic overview of direction for the trust and ensure appropriate safeguards are in place for legitimate distribution of amassed funds.

The Red Robin Trusts overall objective is supporting the prevention, treatment and cure of Maffucci Syndrome, Ollier’s Disease and any associated conditions.

The Trustees of the charity are:

Charlotte Anwyll, Mathew Anwyll, Cedric Canham, Sarah Farler, Sarah Oliver, Jahnzen Smith and Tony Thurling.

Any donations made to the Red Robin Trust can be specifically allocated to a particular organisation or project (i.e. The Maffucci & Olliers Association or a research project), please advise the trust in writing and this request will be honored.

Does the trust employ anybody?

All trustees and those on the support team for the trust are volunteers and are not paid so are giving their free time to the trust.

How can I help the Trust?

For ideas on fundraising visit our support us page for fundraising ideas and to view our supporters and past events.

Or you can donate directly to us